Plenty of hammocks and shade to leisurely enjoy your stay by the beach or by the pool. Feel free to stroll barefoot up and down our 20 km long beach. It's also a jogging and ocean swimming paradise. If you want to venture out, there are a few things to do. Once you are here, we can help you plan them.


We recommend Juanita she has a stand on the beach 7 minute walk from the house. She charges around 350 pesos an hour. She is very good.

The Lagoon

The birds are really spectacular and the lagoon is worth a visit. We do suggest going early due to the heat and sun. Take your bug spray and a hat. Kayaking on your own is safe and goes for around 100 pesos an hour. You can also hire a boat with a guide to take you to see the crocodiles for about 200 pesos a person.


You can hire a boat for around 1500 pesos for 4 people for 4 hours. This includes the fishing gear. We recommend Arturo in Barra de Potosí. He is a great guide and speaks English. You can also hire boat in Zihuatanejo. There are several options.


Arturo can also take you snorkeling at Mazinello Bay which is at the far right of the bay. This also goes for about 1,500 pesos for 4 hours.

Horseback riding

Enjoy a horseback ride along the beach at sunset.

Turtle release

You can visit the turtle sanctuary on our beach and you might be lucky to release the newborn turtles. For more information go to

Scuba diving

A scuba diving trip can be arranged leaving at the pier of Zihuatanejo.

The Archeological sight La Soledad de Maciel

Also known as La Chole is about a 30 min drive south of the house. It's been recently discovered. The pyramid and ball court are a great glimpse into pre-Hispanic life. There is also a small museum. You can hire a guide once you get there, if you like. You can also buy handmade cigars from the locals. For more information go to


This is a small town about a 30 min drive south from the house. You can visit the ruins of Soledad de Maciel and continue to this town. It is famous for its church and market. You can find the same shopping in Zihuatanejo.


This is the modern part of town. Known for its all inclusive resorts and golf course that was built in the late 70's and beginning of the 80's. There is an open air center with restaurants and stores.


Our guests enjoy going into town for a couple hours to shop for souvenirs and stroll around the market and the pier. Zihuatanejo has kept it's charm and luster of a fishermen village. It takes less than 30 minutes to get there by car or taxi.