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B&B Playa Calli
Camino Costera a Barra de Potosi Lote 50-A. Barra de Potosi, Guerrero, Mexico.

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My given name is Bernd't but must people call me Bernie. I was born in Germany during World War II. My mother born in Tampico, Mexico, had moved to Germany in 1937 to study medicine. She made it back to Mexico City in 1947 with me and my sister. We moved into one of her sister's home in Tacubaya, a neighborhood full of history close to the Park of Chapultepec. As soon as I finished high school in the German School, I went to Grenoble in the French Alps to study cuisine and hotel management. My first job right after my studies was as a kitchen assistant in the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This was the beginning of a life as a professional chef and hotel manager. After some jobs in Corsica and the Dutch Caribbean Islands, I came back to Mexico. I found a job as a Chef at the Hilton Hotel in Mexico City. Later on, I became the General Manager for the French Club where I met the mother of my two children. After four decades of cooking and running hotels and other businesses I decided to retire in Barra de Potosí. I was lucky to find a great spot by the Pacific Ocean. Now my eldest son runs the b&b for me. I get to sit back and enjoy the view. I hope to share it with you. Bernie!!!!!!!