Our beach is mesmerizing!!!!!! It's great for long walks and jogging barefoot. The ocean changes daily. It can be tranquil but also the waves can get pretty high so, please respect the water. We want you safe and happy. We know that you will love floating in the ocean or in our pool. You can swim in the ocean almost every month except for some days mostly in September and October. If you swim in triathlons, it's a great ocean to train.


We recently got internet service trhough a satellite. It's great for emailing and browsing the Internet. It has great reception in our terrace and public areas. We suggest you download your e-books and movies before travelling.


It's for your enjoyment. We ask that you please wash off your feet and body in the shower before getting into the pool. It helps the pool system and your skin as we do not have to use as much chlorine and other chemicals.

Food and drinks

We serve breakfast daily from 9 to 11 A.M. We also prepare homemade dinners. During the day we have snacks and drinks available. The fishermen village of Barra de Potosi has beach front restaurants that serve seafood and traditional Mexican dishes. You can read more on our section Meals.

Things to do

If you would like to jump out of your hammock, there are plenty of things to do. You can read about them in our section Activities.

Getting around

Taxis and buses are available. We can always call you a taxi. Best if you let us know in advance since there are only 3 taxis at Barra de Potosi. The fares are around 40 pesos to the village, 250 pesos to the airport, 300 pesos to the bus station in Zihuatanejo, round trip to Zihuatanejo is 600 pesos. For any other destinations or hiring a taxi, we need to call to find out the rate. Please note that taxi fares change constantly and these are just to give you an idea. You can also grab a bus outside the house. They look more like a truck and they take you to the village of Barra de Potosi or the Town of Los Achotes where you can take another regular bus into Zihuatanejo or Petatlan. The truck goes from 5 to 15 pesos depending on your destination.


Most places around here take cash. Best if you have pesos. They will accept dollars but not at the best exchange rate. The closest ATM and exchange house are located at the airport. You can also exchange at the bank in Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa. Banks close at 16 hrs. You will need your passport.


In general you tip at restaurants and for other services 10 to 15 %. Many guests ask us about how to tip our crew. We may suggest a 10% tip of your total bill including meals and drinks. The breakdown is 40% kitchen, 30% groundskeeper and 30% housekeeping. This is just a recommendation. If you feel like tipping please let us know at the billing so we can put it in an envelope to distribute. It's always best if you tip in cash so the crew can get it right away. Thanks.


Our water is safe. It's from a well that we dug when we built the house. You can use it to brush your teeth. You can also drink it but it is rich in minerals so it might upset your stomach. Bottled water is always available for purchase.


We are on a septic system. We ask that you so kindly throw your toilet paper in the waste basket in your bathroom along with all other waste. We empty the baskets bins every day. Thanks for your help and understanding!!!!


We recycle as much as we can. Organic waste is used to feed our neighbors pigs. Plastic and aluminum cans are given to the local school to be sold. You can put them next to your waste basket in the bathroom or put them in the garbage container outside the kitchen.


We would love to be on solar energy but unfortunately due to the economics it is still not feasible. We ask that you please help us conserve energy by turning off lights and fans when you are not in your rooms.


Please feel safe here. Our staff has been with us for years. We have a wonderful stray dog named Tota that alerts us to anything. We lock our front gate all day so we can keep our privacy and Tota from running to the street.


This is the tropics, so do put on bug spray. Traditionally mosquitoes love to nibble between dusk and an hour or so later. They are not very aggressive.


We change sheets and towels every 3 nights. If you go explore other beaches or go on a boat ride, we will gladly give you some old towels to take on your adventure.