Our rich buffet breakfast is served daily from 9 to 11 AM on our open-air terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean and pool. If you are up first feel free to start the coffee machine. Most of our products come from local producers at the market in Zihuatanejo. Our buffet consists of:

              • Coffee
              • Tea
              • Juice
              • Milk
              • Fruit of the season
              • Yogurt
              • Granola
              • Bread
              • Jams
              • Butter
              • Honey
              • Fresh cheese
              • Your own style eggs


Snacks are available.


The meals at Playa Calli are mostly inspired by traditional Mexican recipes.  We enjoy experimenting with these recipes to make them lighter.  We have also adopted some of the flavors and techniques of Mediterranean cuisine. 

Fresh seafood and local produce are our feature items.  Chicken or meat entrees are also available.  Please let us know if you have a favorite Mexican dish or a special diet.  Our goal is to give you a positive, flavorful dining experience.

At breakfast we will advise of the evening's dinner menu.  It is served after sunset around 7:00 to 7:30 P.M. depending upon the season.


We have a fridge in the kitchen with cold drinks. Feel free to grab whatever you like.

Other Meal Options

The Fishermen Village of Barra de Potosi

The village is a 15 minute walk along the beach or a short taxi ride.Their restaurants under palapa roofs called "enramadas" serve fresh seafood and regional Mexican dishes. Pick a seat and enjoy some guacamole, octopus, fish tacos, a cold drink and more... Your food is safe. Service usually starts at 8 AM and stops an hour before sunset. There is no late dinner service at the Enramadas. At night you can find one or two taco stands.

Other restaurants in the area

Chula Vida and Lagartos are two beach restaurants towards the airport about a 30 min walk or a 5 minute taxi ride. They serve more or less the same meals that the "enramadas" but are open for dinner.